Body Panels For Cars
Dorrego 133 - Bs.As.
Phone: 54 11 4856-6373  /  54 11 4856-6367

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TECNO CHAP S.A. is a company that is devoted to the production and commercialization of parts of chassis, bumpers and grills.

This located in the street Av. Dorrego 133 of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

She/he has their own matrixes production that allows us to export in competitive conditions of quality and price to the international market.

Our products guarantee a high liability and security level for user. TECNO CHAP S.A. is a competitive company at international standard, recognized for its technical innovations, production quality, final quality contrls and high experience in car parts production.

We have the capacity to produce these parts in a constant way in order to supply the international market demands.